Monday, January 26, 2015

Investment Pieces

Today I'm talking about those pieces that will never go out of style. These pieces are worth their price. It could be a purse, a coat, shoes, jeans, or whatever else that you can justify spending a good chunk of money on because you know you will have it forever.

My specific investment piece is this gorgeous purse. I said once I graduated college and started my grown up job that I would buy a really nice tote bag. Well, being a grown up is more expensive than I thought so this bag has been put on hold for a few (four) years.  Now that this beauty is finally mine, I want to share my tips for how to purchase your own investment piece.

1. Decide on a style, color, size, etc. before you start your search. It's much easier to look for a pointy toe, patent leather, black, 3 inch high heel pumps than just looking for a pair of heels.

2. Do your research. Search the internet, stores, and personal reviews for what you're looking for. I originally wanted a completely different style than this bag. However, I saw it on some other bloggers and it just looked too big for me.  It's ok to change to change your mind.

3. Find the best price. Once I decided that this was the 'one' I put it on my wish lists on various websites, that way if it went on sale I would know. Make sure you're utilizing all rewards points/clubs, promo codes, price matching, and email sign up offers. I used my Nordstrom card and took advantage of their rewards points program. I also signed up for Ebates for this purchase so I will be receiving a check back for the money I saved. Just because it's a designer brand doesn't mean that you can't find a deal!

4. Enjoy your purchase and don't feel guilty for buying it. This is one that I had to tell myself over and over. I wanted this and I worked hard for it. If the piece is truly an investment piece for you than you should buy it with pride and don't look back.

Thanks for reading!




  1. I totally believe in investment pieces, so worth it when they last al ifetime

  2. Great bag! Perfect for Spring :)
    xo Ally

  3. Nice! Beautiful bag :)