Friday, March 27, 2015


Taking back to back vacations is really messing with my blog schedule. I'm not sure how other bloggers do it, between working 40 hours a week and posting new content every day, I can barely remind myself to take pictures! Anyways, I give those bloggers a round of applause because it's not easy.

Miami was amazing. The weather was absolutely perfect, I managed to get a decent tan while I was there. We stayed right across from the beach, on Ocean Drive, I highly recommend staying there if you're going, it's right in the middle of everything.

Next Friday I'm off to Denver. I'm promising myself to do better with pictures on this trip and since I'll have my own personal photographer (Kevin) it may be easier. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Packing 101

Full disclosure: I always over pack for every trip. It doesn't matter if I'm heading to the beach for a long weekend, I will pack five pair of shoes, six "going out" outfits, and ten "causal" outfits. Minimum. And I'll wear three of the said outfits.

This week I'm heading to Miami for a girls weekend. I have two goals for the trip. One is staying up past midnight ( #grandma, my friends will help with this goal) and two is to wear everything I pack. I'm not promising I won't over pack but I am making it a goal that everything I do pack I wear while I'm there.  To help achieve this goal below are some of my packing tips.

1. Pack pieces you can wear with multiple outfits. The stripe top can easily be worn with cut offs or the cream crochet shorts, while the floral top can be worn with both as well and can also be worn as a bathing suit cover up.

Stripe top here; Jean shorts here; Similar floral top here; Cream shorts here

2. Accessories. I'm a big fan of accessories on a trip because they can change up your whole outfit. Add a statement necklace to a simple cotton dress and you can take it from day to night easily. For this trip I'm all about hats as my go to accessory.

Similar hat here; Sandals here; Hat here
3.  The dress. I believe no matter where you're traveling a good dress is a key item to pack. Of course, depending on the location will determine the style of the dress but whether you're planning on going to a nice dinner,walking all over a city, or going to the beach, a dress is a perfect outfit.

Dress old; similar styles here and here

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bathing Suit Trends

Whether you're going on a vacation or just day dreaming of summer it's time to start thinking of bathing suits. Every year there are so many different styles to choose from so I decided to make your shopping a little easier and pick my top swim suit trends. What are your favorites this year??


1. One Piece
I really want a one piece suit this summer. There are so many different styles for this suit this season. I personally want one because they seem so comfortable but I've seen some with cut outs, fringe, and back less options that will give your bikini a run for its money.


2. High waist
Not sure about a one piece? Well a high waist style might be the one for you. I have one and I love it. And Taylor Swift has one (more than one) so you probably need one.

Victoria Secret

3. Sporty
Mesh, sporty cuts, and cool fabric are what these sporty bikinis are all about this season. Many come in fun colors, like this lime beauty. If you can afford it I would recommend checking out the brand Traingl, they have the best sporty style suits.

Victoria Secret
4. Embroidered
Boho bathing suits are in this season. You could definitely go with a fringe style but embroidery and tassles will take your suit up a notch.


5. Cut outs
Not a trend for the timid (and for someone who doesn't care about tan lines). If you're looking for something different a cut out suit is a great option.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Favorite Skin Products-Under $25

It's been one of those weeks. TGIF.

For the most part, I try to take really good care of my skin and I love trying out a lot of different products but currently I have a few favorites that I highly recommend. Keeping up with your skin doesn't need to be expensive (some of those products out there are crazy expensive), not only are the below products great, they're also all under $25. Happy shopping!

And sorry for the lack of pictures for this post, as I mentioned, it's been a week! Thanks for reading.

1. Netrogena- Deep Moisture Night Cream: I swear by this moisture, especially if you have dry skin. The texture of it is amazing and it's moisturizing yet light. I've tried MANY night creams and I keep going back to this one.

2. Sugar 'Advanced Therapy' Lip Treatment: Ok I know $25 dollars may seem like a lot for chap-stick but this stuff works. Put it on at night or before your lipstick and you will notice a major difference.

3. Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes: I don't travel without these. As soon as I step off a plane I use one, they're perfect when you can't wash your wash but want to have a clean fresh face.

4. Formula 10.0.6-Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask: For the price this face mask is amazing. I use it a couple times a month and afterwards my skin is so soft and smooth. I've heard good things about their other masks as well.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Statement Sweatshirt

My perfect outfit is a combination of stylish and comfortable. Normally when I want to be comfortable I'm in yoga pants and a college sweatshirt, but since I was venturing out in public this weekend I needed an alternative outfit. This sweatshirt is that perfect outfit. It's a sweatshirt material but the pattern allows me to dress it up fairly easily. I'm wearing it below with jeans to keep it more causal but I've also worn it with leather leggings.

Unfortunately this sweatshirt is old (it's Minkpink), however I've listed some of my current favorites below. I'm looking to purchase another 'statement' sweatshirt since I wear this one so often. Thanks for reading!

Jeans here; Similar booties here;
Sweatshirt picks: here; here; here; here;
Similar purse here