Wednesday, September 16, 2015


This past weekend Kevin and I headed to Montreal for a wedding. I intended on taking outfit pictures while I was there but the weather didn't want to cooperate (it rained almost all weekend). So I'm going to a do a recap of of some places we ate at, where we stayed, and mention again about another wonderful experience with Rent the Runway. Thanks for reading!

Location/Hotel:We stayed in Old Montreal at Hotel Nelligan (which was also where the wedding reception was at). The hotel was the perfect location and beautiful with exposed brick walls in the rooms. We walked to most shops and restaurants (even in the rain), only taking a taxi once and to and from the airport. I loved everything about Old Montreal, as you can tell from the pictures the buildings are magnificent.

Food: Ah the food. Besides being one of the most fashionable cities I've ever been to Montreal did not disappoint in the food area either. There are cafes and coffee shops on every corner, all of them equally charming and adorable. My personal favorite was a sandwich shop called Olive & Gourmando. Their grilled cheese sandwich was to die for. I also had the best corn of my life from Grumman 78.

Dress:  Everyone in Montreal dressed extremely well (must be a French thing because everyone looked so chic) so this dress made me fit right in. I knew I wanted a long dress and was leaning towards black so that helped narrow my search on their site. I rented this dress for 8 days since we were gone longer than a weekend. There is an additional charge for this. My biggest concern for this dress was the length so as I was reading the reviews I focused on my height (5'3-5'4). I originally was going to order the petite size for the length but after reading I decided to order the regular. I am so glad I did, the length was perfect with heels. So when in doubt read the reviews!


  1. Nice pictures !