Monday, March 2, 2015

Statement Sweatshirt

My perfect outfit is a combination of stylish and comfortable. Normally when I want to be comfortable I'm in yoga pants and a college sweatshirt, but since I was venturing out in public this weekend I needed an alternative outfit. This sweatshirt is that perfect outfit. It's a sweatshirt material but the pattern allows me to dress it up fairly easily. I'm wearing it below with jeans to keep it more causal but I've also worn it with leather leggings.

Unfortunately this sweatshirt is old (it's Minkpink), however I've listed some of my current favorites below. I'm looking to purchase another 'statement' sweatshirt since I wear this one so often. Thanks for reading!

Jeans here; Similar booties here;
Sweatshirt picks: here; here; here; here;
Similar purse here


  1. Really cute sweater, log ethe flower print.

    Xoxo Johanna

  2. This a great post! Swoon worthy, beautiful! Have a great day! Xo.


    Evolution of Glam