Friday, February 12, 2016

Really Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

So Valentine's Day is on Sunday and you completely forgot about it. It's too late to order something online (unless you have Amazon Prime and if you do start ordering now!) but you need to get your special someone SOMETHING. Below are some great last minute Valentine's Day gifts that won't break the bank and are super thoughtful. Thanks for reading!

1. Champagne
There aren't many people out there that don't like champagne (and if you don't, whats wrong with you? kidding, sorta). Personally I would use this holiday as an excuse to spurge a little and go with a fancier bottle and you can't go wrong with a Rosé (my recommendation is Belaire Rose).

2. Flowers
I know this is so cliche. But the point here is to make this a litter more personal. Does she love pink roses? Or lilies? Red roses are great but if she's mentioned that white roses are more elegant try something different.

3. Candy
Again, this is similar to number 2. Make it personal. If you know she or he loves Reese Cups (this girl right here) then go all out. They have giant Reese Cups in stores so pick one up (hint).

4.Cook Dinner
Now I'm always down for going out to dinner. It's one of my favorite things to do. But since this is a last minute list you may be struggling to get reservations somewhere. Or if you live in Cleveland and the sub zero temps predicted for the weekend are making you want to stay indoors this idea is perfect.


  1. so cute! hope you had a great valentines!

    1. It was perfect, hope yours was great as well! Thanks for reading.