Thursday, December 31, 2015

What I want to accomplish in 2016

It's almost 2016 which means time for the New Year resolutions. Having a blog is particularly great for resolutions because it holds you accountable. While New Years Eve may not be one of my favorite holidays, I do like drinking champagne and setting some goals for the new year.

This year I'm focusing on some lifestyle goals, improving on my hobbies, and taking on some new responsibilities (hello future puppy). What are some of your resolutions? As always thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

What I want to accomplish in 2016..

1. Create an adult budget.
Let me start by saying, I do budget, just in my own way. I actually enjoy saving vs. spending. However, I am not organized about my budgeting AT ALL. I don't have a spreadsheet or any other formal document to show my expenses, etc. I pretty much just know all my bill amounts in my head and I set up automatic drafting so I never miss a payment. I budget for things I know I'll always want to do, such as traveling and shopping. But I would like to become a real adult (who still watches every Disney movie when it's on TV) with a very detail monthly budget that lists everything out.

2. Grow the blog.
This blog will almost be a year old very soon! I'm proud that I started it but now I want to actually grow it. Including redoing the site completely, posting more often, and learning more about growing your blog with social media.

3. Get a puppy.
Specifically a French Bulldog. Kevin and I send each other more pictures of French bulldogs than I'd care to admit. I don't see this happening in 2016; I don't think we're ready yet and we're traveling a lot this year, but I do want one eventually. I never thought I'd get a dog because I can be a tad selfish but if I can make myself create a real budget (see #1) I think I deserve a puppy, right?

4. Do an ab workout everyday.
I don't believe in vague workout goals. If you say 'I'm going to go to the gym more in 2016' that could mean more as in twice a month or going everyday. Focusing on one body part or saying 'I will do 1 hour of cardio twice a week' will make it easier to stick with the goal and will also help with seeing results.

5. Cook more and new vegetarian recipes.
I've mentioned on here before that I don't eat a lot of meat. Kevin will normally entertain whatever vegetarian dinner I make but I would like to cook more of them this year and try some different things. This means actually cooking the recipes on Pinterest, not just saving them for a later date.


  1. I am totally agree with the vegetarian part :)


    1. Hopefully starting that one today! Thanks for reading.

  2. Awesome goals!! Can I give you a couple ideas to help you along?

    To create a budget for myself, I made a "spending schedule." I get paid weekly, so I allocate where my money goes every week based on: bills, savings, and the amount I can spend on gas/groceries/fun for the week. Once I set a number for "spending money" I try not to go over that amount by keeping record of how much I've spent against that number. Sometimes there's money leftover, and I just leave it there... IE, I don't HAVE to spend the full amount every week. It's made budgeting a lot easier, I hope my explanation makes sense??!

    Also, regarding your goal to workout those abs... don't worry about the abs... focus on other areas like arm, back, and legs... your abs will be worked out by default, especially with certain exercises, like pullups! However, if you MUST put a bit more focus on the abs, try "core strengthening" moves like planks and holding boat pose (yoga/pilates move, Google it, hold it). Also great for the abs is jogging and running.

    Good luck and Happy New Year!!

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    1. Thank you so much for the ideas! I love the budgeting one. Thanks for reading.

  3. I am thinking about rescuing a dog for a long time :P