Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Bucket List

This post is a little different than my usual. Partly because I didn't take pictures of my outfit this past weekend (oops) and also because around the holidays I'm always googling for festive, and relatively cheap, things to do. Below is my "holiday bucket list". I say this lightly because honestly some of the things I will do while others I think are great ideas, just not sure if I'll get around to them (you know how busy this time of year is). So use this list as your starting point for your own holiday bucket list. Thanks for reading!

1. Scope out the best Christmas lights and displays.

2. Host a holiday party.
Some theme parties: ugly Christmas sweater party, gift wrapping party,secret Santa party, a wine and cheese party, cookie baking party (see #4 for some great recipe ideas).
How cute would this sweater be for a party?? Forever 21 has so many good 'ugly' Christmas sweaters right now.

3. Check out your cities' winter festivals.
Cleveland has quite a few events this season I want to check out! Below are links to a couple. 
Winterfest in Cleveland
Glow at the Cleveland Botanical Garden
Crocker Park's Tree Lightening

4. Find a holiday recipe on Pinterest and actually make it.
White Cranberry Martini Recipe
Slow Cooker Mash Potatoes
Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies 
Buffalo Ranch Slow Cook Chicken (I made this the other night, so good and easy!)

Candy Cane Kiss Cookie Recipe


  1. I want to try all of those dessert recipes! YUM!

    1. I know, they look so good! Thanks for reading.

  2. Those cookies look delicious! Definitely have baking on my holiday to do list!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

    1. I do too! Hopefully it'll happen this year.

  3. I am loving that cute sweatshirt, I hope you get everything you wish for.